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The good news is that Zionism is doomed. This may come as a shock to some of the readers here, but it needs to be said: The State of Israel was founded a very long time ago. It surely is a joke to try and convince them that it is a failed ideology. The message of the JVP is that we must undo the Jewish state. Obviously, like all anti-Israel propaganda, there is never a clear and straight-foward statement that this is the aim, but we all understand it nevertheless. Well, even the best of propaganda is not going to succeed in making the Jewish community rise up and work against their own people.

People identify with their own. I always find it amazing that an anti-Israel organization presents the exact same case that the Palestinians present. How can it be that an English-speaking Jew who has heard a few Bible stories in Sunday school has the exact same point of view as an Arabic-speaking person who is from a very traditional Islamic society?

Well, in this above article, there was a topic that was presented differently than in Palestinian society. You can find it in any bookshop in the West Bank or in Amman. Mr Abbas presents an argument that it was planned already before the Second World War that it will be claimed afterwards that six million Jews were murder.

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This ploy was meant to convince the world that Palestine should be given to the Jews as compensation and it succeeded! The JVP claim is quite different, of course. Their case is that the Holocaust is not a justification for a Jewish national movement Zionism. But why is Mr Abbas busy with the Holocaust?

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He knows that for many people in the world the Holocaust is the justification for founding the Jewish state, so he wishes to prove that is all just a manipulation. And why is the JVP busy with Holocaust as well? They, too, understand that for many of the Jews in America this is the reason they support the existence of the Jewish state.

So, although there is an obvious difference in the analysis of the events between the Palestinian denial and the sense of mourning in the JVP presentation — still there is a common denominator. Neither presentation is willing to see that there is a Jewish connection to the land. In both cases, it is merely a colonial project, and the Holocaust is the tool in justifying it.

Foreign aid to Israel, Jeremy M. Almost all U. At a signing ceremony at the State Department on September 14, , representatives of the U. Embassy in Jerusalem. Spurred by the high cost of living, low salaries, and political and demographic trends, Israelis are leaving the country in droves, trying to build their lives elsewhere, mostly in the United States. Many of these young Israelis are moving to big cities, and yet, even in these often expensive places, they see more opportunities to advance.

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  4. Between and , more than 87, Israelis became U. Department of Homeland Security. These figures take into account only those who took the legal route many Israelis, analysts say, arrive on temporary tourist, student or work visas, then stay. For years, many of its most talented scholars and researchers moved to the U.

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    One report by Dan Ben-David, an economist at Tel Aviv University, found that the emigration rate of Israeli researchers was the highest in the Western world. Israel has one of the highest poverty rates and levels of income inequality in the Western world. Meanwhile, it also has one of the highest costs of living. The situation is so dire that a survey by the financial newspaper Calcalist the most recent Israeli study conducted on this topic found that 87 percent of adults—many with children of their own—depend on substantial financial support from their parents.

    This is huge! More importantly, the Jewish Israeli birthrate is very high; the population is calculated to double in 40 some years. People that long ago emigrated continue to be treated as residents. Nathan: This may come as a shock to some of the readers here, but it needs to be said: The State of Israel was founded a very long time ago. Do you deny that Israel deliberately expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in a process that included a number of massacres? Do you deny that once expelled the Israelis kept them out by force? Well, enforcing Jewish settler unto a native population is nothing else but colonialism.

    War and expulsion.

    A Relational Philosophy of Israel Education

    So, it was really very interesting to read about the above JVP campaign, but the Jewish audience in America is still going to maintain that the Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people. I understand that it is just inconceivable for an anti-Israel person to imagine that someone else sees the world differently. You see it as colonialism, and yet someone else sees it as the return of the Jewish people to its ancient homeland.

    One has to be rather oblivious to the reality of Jewish life in order to imagine that the Jews are going to adopt the narrative of those who deny the very drama of Jewish history. Nathan: … You see it as colonialism, and yet someone else sees it as the return of the Jewish people to its ancient homeland.

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    Because the Jewish settlers had their homeland somewhere else. See how hollow your phrases are? They want to do to blacks what we Eastern European colonial-settler invader-genocidaires did to the natives of Palestine. Judaism never implied geographical Zionism, or a physical return to the land of Zion written about in the bible.

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    Zionism was spiritual long before it was spoiled by the closely related phenomena of Nation and State. They are not the same thing. But that changed dramatically already by the early s at least.

    In the early s, Noam Chomsky was a Zionist who went to live on a kibbutz in Israel. That makes it important to be vigilant regarding the ways people manifest their views.

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    The US can sustain it only as long as it continues down its own path to pariah state. The invaded and massacred colonial people need liberal Zionists like a hole in the head. They negate the possibility of beneficial — and satisfactory — change. And both are statements w. I myself agree with the anti-Zionism statement that JVP propounded. How would the following go over in downtown J-Street or at the dinner table of people like Thomas Friedman? Actually, pabelmont, you have not understood the BDS position. You have presented a quote about ending the objection to Israel after meeting certain demands.

    The BDS raises very similar demands, but there is no indication that fulfilling these demands would mean that there is no objection to Israel. There is no intention whatsoever of accepting the existence of Israel, period. In the propaganda war against Israel, one does not come out and say that the issue at hand is the very existence of Israel. The general audience in the international community does not question the legitimacy of Israel, so demanding her demise is not going to be very well received.

    So, the ploy is to raise grievances that the general audience might agree to; however, never will you hear that the intention is to end the conflict, and never will you hear that there would be a willingness to accept the presence of the Jews who live in the country. In the JVP view, the Jews should not have come to live in the country and they should not have founded the State of Israel. So, indeed, they are against Israel. This implies the existence and continuation of Israel. Everything BDS asks is in full compliance with international and human rights law and according to the consensus of the internationally community.

    You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:. Jewish persecution, according to the statement, namely antisemitism and the Holocaust, created the need for a national movement: We know that opposing Zionism, or even discussing it, can be painful, can strike at the deepest trauma and greatest fears of many of us. But the statement explains that support of the Israeli status quo is no longer a viable response to antisemitism: Through study and action, through deep relationship with Palestinians fighting for their own liberation, and through our own understanding of Jewish safety and self determination, we have come to see that Zionism was a false and failed answer to the desperately real question many of our ancestors faced of how to protect Jewish lives from murderous antisemitism in Europe.

    Unlike powerful liberal Zionists like Friedman, JVP argues in its statement that we must acknowledge Palestinian history: We are all the more humbled by the vibrance, resilience, and steadfastness of Palestinian life, culture, and organizing, as it is a deep refusal of a political ideology founded on erasure.